Xbox Games Showcase announcements: Live updates, confirmed reveals, new trailers, Halo Infinite demo gameplay footage, what happened in the pre-show, and why you should NOT expect Xbox Series X price or release date news

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The Xbox Games Showcase live-stream event received a LOT of hype in the build up, and now we've seen the actual show.

Xbox Series X games were the focus, with a spotlight being thrown on Halo Infinite and other first-party titles from the Microsoft-owned Xbox Game Studios.


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Keep reading to learn all the essential info from the Xbox Games Showcase event on 23rd July...

Halo Infinite campaign gamplay

There was no shortage of predictions about this event, but one thing we had confirmed in advance is this: campaign gameplay from Halo Infinite was going to be the belle of the ball.

This game, which will release on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, has been a long time coming.

A full eight minutes of Halo Infinite demo gameplay was revealed at the event, and you can watch it right here...


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More Xbox Series X games

With hot PS5 games being revealed a few weeks back, there was a sense that this event could be 'make or break' for Xbox Series X in terms of luring people in with exciting games.

Microsoft took the opportunity to show off a LOT of upcoming games, all of which will come to Xbox Game Pass and span both Xbox One and Xbox Series X console. We'll round up the key announcements for you now.

Straight after showing the Halo Infinite trailer, Microsoft gave fans their first look at State Of Decay 3! Take a look here...

From the developers at Rare, this trailer was also revealed, giving us our first proper look at their new game called Everwild...


A chapter-based story game called Tell Me Why also got a new trailer...

The developers from Obsidian took the opportunity to show a new trailer for their tiny survival game Grounded. Obsidian also gave us a first look at The Outer Worlds: Peril On Gorgon, with a trailer for that particular expansion pack debuting on the stream. And Obsidian ALSO shared this first look at Avowed, it's next RPG project...

Taking us by surprise, Jack Black showed up to sing his way through a trailer for Psychonauts 2...

It was also confirmed in the event that the studio Turn 10 is working on Forza 8 - so that's something for racing game fans to look forward to!


Furthermore, we learned that Ori And The Will Of The Wisps is getting a massive upgrade for Xbox Series X. And we got a little update on Hellblade 2 as well. Plus, it was confirmed that Destiny 2 is coming to Xbox Series X.

After an absolute onslaught of trailers, Microsoft closed out the show with this first trailer for the new Fable game...

Previously, we heard rumblings that something to do with Banjo-Kazooie could be announced today, following some fresh activity on the game's trademark. No sign of that announcement yet, though!

What happened in the Xbox Games Showcase pre-show?

The new Xbox game announcements began early in a Summer Games Fest pre-show on YouTube, which broke the news that the Dragon Quest franchise will be coming to Xbox. Also revealed in the pre-show slot was an intriguing new title called Exomecha, which you can check out here...


The Summer Games Fest pre-show also showed us the first trailer for Echo Generation, an upcoming Xbox Series X game with something of a Stranger Things vibe...

Also, the pre-show served up the first trailer for Hello Neighbour 2! You can check out that trailer here...

Balan Wonderworld was also announced, a hugely exciting new title from Square Enix's new subdivision. Take a look here...

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Don't expect Xbox Series X price and release date details

One thing that's clear is that Xbox Series X games are the pure focus of this event - if you were hoping to see the Xbox Series X price or release date confirmed today, you're likely to be disappointed.

Likewise, if you were hoping to see Xbox Series X pre-orders open today, you might want to adjust those expectations! It might be time to start reading up on how to trade in your Xbox One, though, if you really want to start the process of preparing your wallet for Xbox Series X.

One 'behind the scenes' thing we have seen revealed today is the Xbox Series X Expansion Card - an extra storage option that is provided by Seagate!

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