Xbox Edinburgh and Xbox Count: What do the new codenames mean?

As is often the way in the lead up to any big tech release, the Xbox Series X is causing more rumours to leak out of the internet like the ketchup on an overly sauced burger.

It's all over everyone's hands, and the only thing any of us can do is look on in awe as we all try and make sense of it.

That's very much the case with Microsoft, who have had some more codenames leaked via a Twitter user who has been doing a bit of sleuthing in the Xbox One OS.

But, what on earth is Xbox Count and Xbox Edinburgh?

What is Xbox Count

This is the really mysterious one. It's either a brand-new calculator or a weird new brand of aristocracy that Microsoft is selling.

Of course, it could also be neither of those things and simply relate to some other kind of tech. This could either be software or hardware, which makes hazarding a guess rather tricky.

In an ideal world, it would be the codename for Microsoft's own VR platform, but there's no clear intention there, and that means we're stuck with the unknowns for the moment.

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What is Xbox Edinburgh

This is the one we've got a more informed guess on. Naming conventions are something that companies tend to stick to, it's usually a mix of tradition, superstition, and a healthy dose of in-jokes.

The Xbox Edinburgh is quite possible the release codename for the Xbox Series S, or Lockhart. There's a good reason to believe this is true too, given that the Xbox S was codenamed Edmonton.

The naming convention here follows capital cities, while we can see a trend for the X variants for animals with both the Scorpio (the Xbox One X) and the Anaconda (the Xbox Series X).

Of course, time will tell us a lot more about both of these codenames, but it's pretty clear that Microsoft still has plenty left to show off.

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