Xbox boss talks Halo Infinite reveal and delay: "It was a miss on our part"

With the Xbox Series X already out (sorry PS5 users in the UK), lots of people are getting stuck into the games that are gracing us in this wonderful launch window.

While there are plenty of good things to play, a lot of Microsoft fans will still be lamenting the loss of Halo Infinite this year.

We're still expecting to see it next year, but it doesn't take the sting off of the fact that it was meant to be a launch title.

Well, it turns out that Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has a lot of thoughts about the game.

"It was a miss on our part"

Speaking to GameSpot about the next-gen Halo game, Spencer talked about the way the delay happened and how the company handled everything around it.

"It was a miss on our part, on my part, to open our July showcase with Halo Infinite and then a couple of weeks later have to move the date."

He goes on to explain that it's not something they did without thinking, stating that he doesn't take the emotion of the fans lightly. "We set an expectation that here, this is something you're going to have at launch and then we have to change that expectation not too much after our showing--that's a mistake."

It wasn't just the game itself he discussed though, but the staff as well.

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Spencer talks about the big names leaving 343

In the interview, Spencer said that he didn't have any specific concerns regarding 343, and stated that "I actually think in the long run, turnover is a healthy thing because we want people who are really motivated by the things that they’re working on."

It's an interesting take on having staff leaving a studio during the run up to a big release.

We're not 100% sure it's accurate, because people could be leaving due to overwork or a bad environment, but it's impossible to say one way or the other without talking to those who have left.

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