Will Warner Bros Interactive Media acquisition be revealed at Summer Games Fest? Is Microsoft buying Warner Bros Games?

Everyone loves a bit of Batman. He's one of the most prolific heroes around, and there's a good reason too given how excellent the films can be as well as the games.

It makes sense then, to assume that one of the big names would try and pick up the studio making the games, even if they're working on something new.

Well, that's one of the rumours going around at the moment about the company, and you might be wondering if it's true.

So, here's what you need to know about it.

Will Microsoft buy Warner Bros. Interactive?

Well according to a report published by The Information, it looks as though the current owner of Warner Bros. Interactive, AT&T, is looking to get rid of it to help deal with a rather hefty amount of debt.

One of the interested buyers is meant to be Microsoft. Now, this fits in with the ethos they were showing off when they revealed all of the game studios they'd bought up.

It also makes sense, because any game with a superhero in is a big draw, and it would be an excellent antidote to Sony having access to Spider-Man.

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Should Microsoft buy Warner Bros. Interactive?

Probably. Logically, it's the right thing for them to do if they can afford it. Despite all of the talk of console exclusives rarely being in Microsoft's favour, not to mention the fact that all of their games also come to PC, picking up a new studio would be a huge boon.

Of course, this isn't just a new studio, but the one generally responsible for not only the resurrection of the superhero genre of games, but also the one that influenced third-person combat for years to come.

It's definitely a good investment, but whether or not they go ahead with it, and whether or not we find out at the Xbox Summer Fest, will remain to be seen.

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