Will there be an All 4 app on PS5, and how will players watch Channel 4 shows on the console?

With so many people treating their PS4s as so much more than just a games console, a lot of people are wondering about the kind of multimedia options the PS5 will have.

Will you be able to treat your PS5 as the all-in-one media hub that consoles have become?

Will you be able to get every app under the sun on it and have to remember which one you're using to watch that show you like?

Well, we've got some answers at least, and in this article, we're talking all about All 4 on the PS5.

Is All 4 on PS5 confirmed or not?

So, while we seem to know that Disney+, YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix are all coming to the PS5, mainly thanks to the PS5 Media Remote, we don't have that same proof for the All 4 app.

However, given that it's on the PS4, you can fairly safely assume that it'll pop up on the P{S5 as well.

It'd be very strange indeed for the app to be missing given that it gives the PS5 that little bit more value and no doubt brings in extra views for All 4.

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How will you get All 4 on PS5?

There are two ways you'll likely be able to get All 4 onto your PS5.

The first is via the media section of the PS5. You know, the one on your PS4 that houses all of your general; entertainment apps, if you choose the app from there you'll probably be able to download it.

The other likely method is to get it via the PSN store, which will hopefully load and work a lot faster than on the PS4, where it can still occasionally crash the entire house.

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