Will the PS5 VR headset have an Augmented Reality visor? Is PSVR 2 getting AR support?

New patents get filed all the time by big companies. It doesn't always mean that a product is coming, and they lead to nothing as often as they lead to something.

However, they are an interesting insight into the kinds of things that a company is interested in.

In this instance, it's a new patent filed by Sony, which was noticed by The Game Post.

The patent describes an Augmented Reality visor, potentially for the PS5, and it's got some very interesting ideas within it.

Could a Sony AR headset be on the way?

The patent goes into a lot of detail about this potential visor and describes it as "a wearable or mountable visor or display apparatus capable of presenting augmented reality (AR) content."

It also states that "the primary intent of the AR visor is to parse and selectively display desired heads up display (HUD) content from a video stream or video game such as a map, timer or clock, speedometer/tachometer, instrumentation panels, or similar context-sensitive information relevant to a video game or stream."

This could be a legitimate game-changer, as you could declutter the screen by having things like health or a compass displayed on the visor instead. Of course, it would still be in your field of view, but it's certainly an interesting prospect.

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a term that covers anything that mixes both the digital and real worlds. If you've played Pokemon Go, then you already know how interesting and fun that can be.

It basically allows you to view the world through a camera, and then add in digital images to that world. Those things aren't there, but as long as you're looking through a camera, they look like they could be.

There are plenty of interesting applications for this technology, and not just in gaming. It's something that is likely to become more and more popular as time goes on, so it's worth knowing about now.

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