Will FIFA 21 have Juventus?

FIFA 21 is coming to all of us on October 9th this year. That means we've got plenty of time to sit, wait, and hope that we'll be able to still kick as many footballs as we normally do.

It'll be interesting to see just how much the series has changed since FIFA 20, and whether or not everyone will be happy with the new entry.

It'll also be interesting to see what is now missing from the game due to weird reasons. You see, with PES being a staple in the football game genre too, sometimes weird things happen.

So, you might be wondering if Juventus will be in FIFA 21.

Will Juventus be in FIFA 21?

Due to legal reasons involving PES scoring exclusivity with the club, the answer to this is no. Konami basically made it so that only the Pro Evolution Soccer games can have Juventus in them.

That means that the Serie A club will be missing from FIFA 21 officially.

This may be a hard thing to deal with for fans of the club who also happen to prefer FIFA, but it's not 100% the end.

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Will there be a stand-in club?

Instead of there being the official Juventus, it's likely we will see the return of Piemonte Calcio, which was the stand-in club that was in FIFA 20.

The players will look similar to those in Juventus, but FIFA can't include the Allianz Stadium, the club name, the official badge of Juventus, or even the official kits.

So, you'll still sort of be able to play as Juventus, just with a fancy fake name instead. Just imagine that the entire club has gone into hiding for some reason and have had to take up fake identities to escape from rabid fans.

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