Will FIFA 21 be cross-platform? Will it have cross-play and cross-gen?

There are a few very exciting things coming up in the next few months. For starters, it's Halloween in a little over three months, which means it'll then be Christmas, and then we can finally exit 2020 into whatever awaits us next year.

Also, there are two new consoles launching in the form of the Xbox Series X and PS5.

On top of that, FIFA 21 is also coming out soon, in fact, sooner than any of these other events probably as it's coming out October 9th, which means it's definitely coming before Halloween, Christmas, and probably the next-gen consoles.

The question is though, will FIFA 21 have cross-play, and will it be cross-gen?

Will FIFA 21 have cross-play?

At launch, the answer is no. It looks as though EA plans to introduce it later on though, which will be good news for anybody looking to play against their friends, even if their friends don't own the same platform as them.

It's something that EA seems to be toying with and becoming a little keener on, after all, console exclusivity doesn't really help out third-parties at all.

So, it makes sense that EA would be looking into it, though how viable it'll be on the next-gen remains to be seen.

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Will FIFA 21 be cross-gen?

The good news is that EA will be supporting those who buy the current-gen versions of the game, by letting them upgrade it for free when the next-gen versions launch.

That means if you buy the PS4 version you'll be able to get the PS5 one for free, and if you get the Xbox One version, you'll be able to get the Xbox Series X one for free.

That's incredibly pro-consumer, and is sure to help assuage a lot of people's worries when it comes to financing the next-gen.

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