Will Battlefield 2042 be on Xbox Game Pass: Is Battlefield 2042 on EA Play?

Battlefield 2042 is the much-anticipated new game in the Battlefield series by EA. With it's release coming in October 2021, fans are already getting very excited about it's impending release. One of the big questions being asked is whether or not Battlefield 2042 is going to be released on Xbox Game Pass. After all, Battlefield is made by EA, and EA Play is available on Game Pass. There have also been rumours to this effect. But does that mean that a brand new AAA game, which has probably cost tens of millions of dollars to develop, will suddenly be made available, essentially for free? Here's what we can tell you.

Will Battlefield 2042 be on Xbox Game Pass?

With the release of gameplay footage at the Xbox E3 conference, you may have expected them to say something if they were intending to make the game available on Game Pass. Unfortunately, no mention was made of the new Battlefield in relation to Game Pass. Which isn't a definite no, as they may still surprise everyone at release time. But the odds aren't looking especially great.

EA have confirmed that if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, then you will get early access to the Open Beta, and a 10 hour trial of the game, starting on October 15th.

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What about EA Play?

EA Play subscribers get the same access to Battlefield 2042 as Xbox Game Pass subscribers. But if you subscribe to EA Play Pro? Well, you may be feeling pretty pleased with yourself right now. According to EA, EA Play Pro members will receive the Ultimate Edition of the game, and all rewards associated with it. These include:

  • Official Digital art book
  • Exclusive Digital Soundtrack
  • Year 1 Pass including:
    • 4 new Specialists
    • 4 Battle Passes
    • 1 Legendary skin bundle (Midnight Ultimate Bundle) containing:
      • "Shadow Stalker" Legendary Outfit
      • "Obsidian" Legendary Weapon Skin
      • "Onyx" Legendary Vehicle Skin
    • 3 exclusive Epic skin bundles (Blistered Earth, Tempest and Cold Blood) each containing:
      • Outfit x 1
      • Weapon skin x 1
      • Vehicle skin x 1
  • Cross-gen bundle

They will also get access to the full game from October 15th. It's a pretty sweet deal for those players. But for everyone else? You're going to have to smash open the piggy bank if you want to play the full game.

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