Why Nintendo NEEDS a Switch Pro to launch in 2020

We are an hour away from the Direct Mini that Nintendo dropped with an announcement earlier today, stating that more information on already-announced games will be coming.

We’ve spoken before about a ‘Super Switch’ or a ‘Switch Pro’ that could really help Nintendo’s 2020, with the Christmas period looking like it’s going to be saturated with PS5 and Xbox Series X releases.

But thoughts have turned to what Nintendo could have up their sleeve regarding a new Switch console. It’s already been a year since the Switch Lite was announced, so perhaps its time for something more powerful. Something Super.

With that, here’s what we think should happen for a Switch Pro, and why the time to release it is now.

Super Sonic Switch

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the fourth year of the Nintendo Switch, with no signs of it stopping. The games released so far have been plentiful, with ports of games long-since forgotten being given a new lease of life, such as Onimusha and Star Wars: Racer.

But with rumours of a Mario Remastered collection coming, featuring Mario 64, Mario Sunshine and other entries, it could be a perfect opportunity to align this release with a new Switch.

To have a bundle that has Mario, alongside a new Switch, could be very tempting to some; as soon as you turn on this Switch, you’re playing some Mario games from long ago.

If you combine that with the rumoured features of this ‘Super Switch’ ‘ ‘Switch Pro’, it becomes an image that you would like to see come to fruition pretty quick.

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Switch 2 Features

To see a thinner bezel on the screen, alongside bigger storage, better battery and a higher resolution when docked would all be welcome features. It could help justify a slightly higher price, while being able to use these benefits with the existing library that someone has curated ever since owning a Switch.

Of course, Nintendo are known for their unique ways in announcing games and hardware, just take ‘Paper Mario: The Origami King’. It was announced on a Thursday afternoon with a trailer in June, and it’s already been released.

We can see the same occurring for this new Switch, which could even release in September; before the PS5 and Xbox Series X even launch. But of course, Nintendo have never been interested in directly competing with the two companies, only to give customers an alternative option that’s only about the games, to be played in the best circumstances.

The age in the Nintendo Switch’s hardware is showing; low frame rates in certain games add credence to this, such as Assassin’s Creed and Burnout Paradise. If there’s also a chance that N64 and GameCube games could come to the system through the Online Service, the added power that a new NVIDIA Tegra chip provides could really help with this.

That’s why we think that it’s time for a Switch Pro to arrive; to help scratch that itch of what’s coming from Sony and Microsoft, while also future-proofing the system for another few years. The design of the Switch is almost timeless, so lets not have the hardware be its downfall in time.

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