Why Bethesda NEEDS to win fans over at Summer Games Fest

Dear old Bethesda has long been one of the most prestigious and exciting companies around in the games industry.

While most fans have been keen on the company for a long time, the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 2011 really helped cement them as one of the best.

Skyrim, in case you haven't heard of it, is one of the most prolific games of all time, and a lot of people have played it on more than one platform because it keeps being re-released.

The company isn't where it was tough, and they've fallen quite far from grace.

Why Bethesda needs to improve

Fallout 76. Now, that's a little reductive, but it's also fairly true.

While Fallout 76 has undoubtedly improved since it's abysmal launch, many are still feeling the sting of that disappointment.

On top of that, we're 9 years on from the last full entry of Elder Scrolls, and a lot of people are hungry for the next iteration of this formula.

On top of that, the last E3 showing from Bethesda was little more than a list of titles we'll one day be seeing, which doesn't satisfy anyone.

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How Bethesda can improve

Ultimately, what Bethesda needs to do is give us all some hard facts. Pretty trailers and exciting title screens amount to nothing without knowing when they'll actually be delivered on.

We need dates, we need platforms, we just need to know when to expect the next load of games from Bethesda, and more importantly, we need to be able to trust that they'll work.

Bethesda are known for their bugs, it's a common joke with gamers, but it's not cute anymore.

The games that Bethesda release have to actually work, because the people investing in them upon release deserve to buy a final product, not one full of errors, glitches, and micro-transactions.

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