Which phones can play PUBG Mobile? Is there any difference between Android and iOS version?

With the PUBG Mobile Season 14 update dropping, more and more players are jumping back into the game. But is your phone up to the job of playing it?

With a dedicated new map coming to PUBG Mobile in the latest update, players have more reason than ever to try out this portable version of Tencent's hugely popular battle royale game.

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But, of course, not every phone on the planet is able to play PUBG Mobile - if you're hoping to play the game on your Nokia 3310 after waking up from a lengthy coma, you might just have to settle for Snake II instead.

But keep reading to find out which phones can handle running PUBG Mobile...

Which phones support PUBG Mobile?

In terms of which Android phones work with PUBG Mobile, TencentGames.Helpshift.com says this: "The current version supports more than 500 Android devices, including but not limited to: GALAXY NOTE8, SONY XPERIA XZ1, GALAXY S8, GOOGLE PIXEL2, GALAXY NOTE5, HUAWEI HONOR8, LG G5, REDMI 4A, HUAWEI P9, SONY XPERIA X, REDMI NOTE4."

In terms of Apple devices that work with PUBG Mobile, Help Shift tells us, "The current version supports all Apple devices, except: iPhone4/4s/5/5c and iPad mini1. Besides, If you are using IOS series or IPad series with only 1 GB Ram, such as iPhone 6 /iPhone5s /ipad mini2/ipad mini3/ ipad air and etc, please make sure the IOS system is updated to IOS 12.2"

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Is there a difference between Android and iOS versions of PUBG Mobile?

It doesn't sound like there are any major differences between the Android and iOS versions of PUBG Mobile, but fans have discussed in detail their preferences on sites like Reddit.

It makes sense, of course, that the versions would be pretty much the same - after all, crossplay between iOS and Android is very much possible with PUBG Mobile!

If you're not sure which phone to buy for playing the game, check out our buying guide on the best phones for PUBG Mobile!

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