Which email address is linked to my Steam account?



Sometimes you get a new PC and you find yourself needing to re-enter all of your login details into every known platform.

It's a pain that many PC players know, especially those who've been gaming for a long time.

Because of this, you'll occasionally need to try and remember which email account you used to sign up to a service you use daily, but haven't had to really think about in years.

So, here's how to find out which email address you've used for your Steam account.

What email address is linked to my Steam account?

Checking your email in Steam is easy if you're logged in, so we recommend you sort this out before getting rid of your old devices.

Open up Steam, click on your username on the top right and select Account details.

From here, just look at the Contact Info section to see which email address you used to set up this account.

As long as you make note of this and you remember your password you should have no issues logging into Steam on a different platform.

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What if you're not logged in?

Well, if you've logged out or if you've not got a way to log in and you can't remember your email address it's a little trickier.

You'll need to try and log in to Steam and then select Forgot your password?

Once you've done that an email will be sent to your email address. You'll need to check the inboxes of all of your email addresses and double-check the spam or junk folders too.

If you can't find it after all of that then you might be able to contact Steam directly, but it's not an ideal situation, so we recommend you try really hard to remember.

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