When Is Plunder Coming Back To Warzone?

When Is Plunder Coming Back To Warzone 2022?
Credit: Call of Duty

When Is Plunder Coming Back To Warzone 2022?
Credit: Call of Duty

Every player wants to know when plunder is coming back to Warzone, it seems.

Plunder mode, which features unlimited respawns and allows you to easily level up your weapons before getting back into the game, is one of the many fun game modes in Warzone. In spite of being the fan favourite, the Plunder mode was taken out of the game.

While this has disappointed many players, there's hope that it will be returning to the game. In fact, the latest news suggests that it is coming back to the game soon. But when? Well, we’re here to answer that questions for you. So let’s jump right into it.

Warzone Plunder Removed 2022

In the Call of Duty Warzone update in August 2022, the fan-favourite Plunder mode was removed - again. This is not the first time Activision has removed the Plunder mode from Warzone. In the last month (July 2022), the Plunder mode was removed but added later in response to the community's criticism.

It seems like history is repeating itself. This time though, the community reaction was much stronger. Following the recent removal of this mode, the community started a petition on Change.org, demanding Raven Software to keep Plunder as a permanent game mode. And their voices were heard - it seems.

The Plunder mode will be coming back to Warzone soon. But how soon? Let's find out!

When Is Plunder Coming Back To Warzone

According to the playlist update schedule released by Raven Software, Plunder is coming back to Warzone on Tuesday, August 16 2022. However, the Plunder game mode will only be available for 2 days, until August 18.

On August 18, Plunder will be replaced by Golden Plunder, which works in the same fashion as the original Plunder Mode, but with an increased number of players, cash drops and a higher victory cash requirement.

We have no idea what will happen after the week of August 18. Whether Plunder will stay or will be removed in the process of playlist rotation is unclear at this moment. We can hope that the developers will add the original Plunder mode back to the playlist again.

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