What Time Do Steam Deck Emails Go Out?

What Time Do Steam Deck Emails Go Out?

What Time Do Steam Deck Emails Go Out?

Wondering what time the Steam Deck emails go out? We're here to tell you!

You have reserved a Steam Deck paying $5, now what? Well, you'll have to wait until you receive a notificaiton email from Valve. But how long? Although waiting can be frustrating, knowing when the order confirmation email will arrive can offer you some comfort.

So, we have decided to give you some insight on how long to wait, and when you should be expecting your confirmation email.

What Time Do Steam Deck Emails Go Out?

First, let's look at how the Steam Deck reservation system work.

When you submit a reservation, you will be put in a queue. Once the model is available, you will be emailed in the order the reservations were made. So the sooner you reserve, the faster you will receive your email.

As per the official Steam Deck Twitter page, Steam Deck order confirmation emails are sent out in batches every Monday and Thursday, starting at 10 am Pacific Time. So you can expect your confirmation email to arrive on these days.

Once you receive your order invitation, you will have 72 hours to complete your purchase or cancel the reservation. If you do not take any action, your reservation slot will pass to the next person in the queue.

So, we’d suggest keeping an eye out and not overlooking that email if you really want to get your hands on the Steam Deck.

What Does The Steam Deck Email Look Like?

To make sure you don't miss out on the confirmation email, it would be wise to put a reminder on your phone to check out your mailbox on Mondays and Thursdays. This is what the Steam Deck email looks like.

Click on the Complete your purchase button to pay and finalise the order. The link will expire in 72 hours. So, if you see this Steam Deck email in your inbox, make sure you act fast. If you don't, your opportunity will pass to the next person in the line.

Now take a look at how long it takes for Steam Deck to ship after confirmation.

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