What should be at the NEXT State of Play for PS5? Price? Sequels?

Later on today we've got another State of Play event.

Despite us all being hungry for PS5 info, Sony has already said that this event will be focussed on upcoming PS4 and PS VR games.

There will be some updates from third-party and indie games from June's showcase, but nothing from the first-party ones.

That got us wondering, what do we want from the next State of Play?

What should the next State of Play have?

We are, rather surprisingly, still lacking some of the most important details about the next-gen Sony console. Of course, it'd be nice to know more about the games it'll be launching with, but that's not all we're missing.

Despite knowing an awful lot about the technology inside of it, the peripherals we can buy with it, and even some of the games we can expect, we still know nothing of the release date or the price.

There are lots of other bits of information we'd like to know alongside those two things, but ultimately, those are the bits that feel the most important at the moment.

It's strange feeling as though we're this close to the release of the next-gen without a clue of exactly when either the Xbox Series X or the PS5 will actually release, but it's just where we are at the moment.

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When could the next State of Play be?

While the gap between these shows is highly irregular, logically we need to find out the release date and cost of the PS5 as soon as possible.

It seems very likely that we'll have the next State of Play in the coming weeks, possibly in early September, in order to prepare everybody for a big potential purchase whenever the PS5 actually launches.

Of course, given how many delays are possible at present, this event could conceivably happen as late as October, but that doesn't seem very likely.

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