Watch Dogs movie: Here's what we know about its release date, trailer, cast and more

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Watch Dogs is a strange series. The first game was so severely serious that it became a little trite at times.

The second game was a lot more light-hearted, starring a large cast of over-the-top characters and a more comedic tone.

The next entry, Watch Dogs Legion, is set to be different again. Set in London after Brexit has been completed, a private security firm has basically taken over, and the characters you take control of all have to fight back against this corruption to try and bring a better way of life back to the UK.

Well, we've no idea what kind of tone the Watch Dogs movie will have, but here's everything we know about it so far.

Watch Dogs Movie trailer

We've got no trailer here as there isn't one in existence just yet.

Despite the fact that we've seen a couple of announcements about the film existing, we've not seen any hard details regarding it at all.

It makes sense as Ubisoft focuses on its games, but it's still a bit odd not to have more details about a film originally announced several years ago.

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Watch Dogs Movie release date

As is the case with the trailer, we've got no word whatsoever on the release date either.

It means that we'll be unlikely to see the film until the midpoint of this decade, which could be bad news for any fans who are really hoping to see what this film has to offer.

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Watch Dogs Movie cast

Given that we've no idea which version of Watch Dogs this is going to be following, it's hard to even know which characters we're likely to see.

Outside of the fact that the protagonist will likely be DedSec and the antagonists will likely be the Blume company, everything else is obscured completely.

We shall keep you updated as soon as we know more though.

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