Watch Dogs Legion permadeath - should you turn it on or off?

Watch Dogs Legion permadeath

Watch Dogs Legion permadeath

Watch Dogs Legion is now out in the world, but you might be struggling with the Watch Dogs Legion permadeath decision before you've even started playing it: should you turn permadeath on or off?

If you have permadeath on, this means that your characters will stay dead forever if they die once during your game. If you have permadeath switched off, on the other hand, your characters will respawn after death (or you'll be loaded back to a checkpoint) and you'll be able to keep playing with them.

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Keep reading for our full thoughts on Watch Dogs Legion permadeath, and whether you should have it switched on or off.

The case for turning Watch Dogs Legion permadeath on

You could make a strong case for turning permadeath on in Watch Dogs Legion: allowing your characters to properly die will add an extra layer of tension and higher stakes to the game, after all.

Also, even though you might accidentally kill a few characters, the fact that you can control every single character in the game's open-world means that you will always have a character to play with, even if you do lose a few favourites along the way. You'd have to be spectacularly bad to kill all of them.

Also, if it turns out you don't like permadeath, you can always switch it off after you've tried it. The game does let you switch permadeath off - but once it's off, there's no way of turning it back on.

The case for playing with permadeath off in Watch Dogs Legion

On the flip-side of that argument, some players might not wanted higher stakes and more tension. If you're looking for a more chilled experience with Watch Dogs Legion, you might want to switch permadeath off and let your characters live forever.

However, it's worth being aware of this fact: if you start the game with permadeath off, you are NOT allowed to switch permadeath on later. Once it's off, it's off for good.

So, even if you think that non-permadeath will probably be your preferred choice, you might want to try a bit of permadeath at the start anyway. You can switch if OFF later, but you can't switch it ON later. If that makes sense.

How to turn off permadeath in Watch Dogs Legion

Turning off permadeath later in the game is pretty easy. All you need to do is this:

  • Pause the game
  • From the pause menu, 'Options'
  • From the list of Options, select 'Gameplay'
  • From the Gameplay section, simply toggle 'Permadeath Mode off'

But don't forget: Once you've turned permadeath off, you can't turn it back on without starting a whole new game. So you wanna be sure that you're done with it, before you hit that toggle.

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