Warzone vs Fortnite player count: Which game has greater popularity?

Find out which of these two titans has more players.

by Jason Coles
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Sometimes you just want to go where the people are. It’s not about which game is better, or cheaper, or the one that is more fun to play. Sometimes, you just want to know that you’re doing the popular, or maybe the unpopular thing.

That’s where player counts come in.

The number of people who play Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite every month is staggering, but which game draws in more players every month?

Well, to find out which game is more popular, all you have to do is read on you crazy diamond.

What is the Warzone player count?

In an announcement made in April 2021, Activision confirmed that Warzone had a total playerbase of 100 million. That’s an awful lot of players, and explains why you never have to wait too long to get into a game.

This marks an increase of 40 million in just under a year. According to Statista, the number of monthly players that Warzone had in May 2020 was 60 million.

However, Warzone does not display any active player counts in game, meaning that we cannot know for sure just how many of these accounts are regular players, how many tried it once, and how many are banned due to cheating.

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What is the Fortnite player count?

Now, Fortnite has been around a fair bit longer than Warzone, so it’s had a much longer time to build up a player base. On top of that, it’s also available on far more devices (albeit not iOS anymore), so it has more potential reach too.

Does that mean it’s got more players though?

Well, according to Statista, the player count in May this year was a whopping 350 million. This is over 3 times the total players of Warzone, and does suggest that Fortnite is the more popular battle royale game.

It’s not just these statistics that suggest Fortnite is the more popular game, either. Based on Google Trends results, Fortnite is the most searched-for of the two games. However, it is still beaten out by Minecraft.

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Jason Coles