VIDEO: This is what Cyberpunk 2077 would look like on PS1

Cyberpunk 2077 is out and, well, it's getting better slowly at least.

While the game itself isn't bad, it doesn't run very well, and that's especially true on the PS4 and Xbox One, so be warned if you're hoping to get it for Christmas that you might not be able to play it without some issues.

Well, what if we could go back in time and play it on older hardware, do you think that would make it less buggy?

One developer has decided to try and find out.

Have a look at Cyberpunk 2077 on PS1

Because the world is filled with incredibly talented people, a developer called Anders Lundbjörk, or @alundbjork on Twitter, made a video of Cyberpunk 2077 as though it was on the original PS1.

Now, depending on how old you are, this will either be incredibly nostalgic or incredibly weird. What's really impressive is that they seem to have programmed in a few of the bugs that are really helping Cyberpunk 2077 to stand out amongst a field of games that, well, work.

It's definitely intended as a joke, and it works very well as one.

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Who are Dreamon Studios

Anders Lundbjörk works at a studio called Dreamon Studios. They're based in Sweden, and actually consist entirely of the man himself.

We've not tried out the games that have been made ourselves, but they look fairly entertaining and they're available on mobile phones, so maybe give them a look if you're curious to see what else the developer is capable of.

Hopefully, they won't have as many bugs as Cyberpunk 2077. But who can say for sure.

Well, probably Lundbjörk. But maybe you should go and have a look and find out for yourself.

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