V Rising: How To Change Server Settings

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If you are wondering how to change V Rising server settings, then this guide is for you.

V Rising is a new vampire survival game that has been taking the internet by storm. In fact, it was the best-selling game on Steam for the week ending May 22. The game is currently in Early Access, and as per the roadmap, the developer is likely to add more features and content to the game over the next few months.

In the game, you can tinker with a vast array of server settings to customise your gaming experience. In this post, we will show you how to change V Rising server settings. Let's get started!


How To Change V Rising Server Settings

A third-party company called GPORTAL provides official servers for Stunlock Games' V Rising game. GPORTAL allows you to rent private servers so that you can host your own world and invite friends over to play. You can also host a private server by downloading the V Rising server-client and running it on either your home PC or a dedicated server machine.

On private servers, you can edit or change over 60 different settings to tweak your gameplay experience. For example, you can change the clan size of your V Rising server so that more vampires can join your group, which results in more epic clan fights or boss raids.

If you’re hosting your own dedicated server by renting a server from GPORTAL, here is how to change V Rising server settings:

  • Log in to your account on the GPORTAL website.
  • Click on My servers on the left-hand side.
  • Then, select the server on which you want to adjust the settings.
  • Click on Basic settings in the left margin.
  • Finally, navigate through the settings to change them according to your wishes.

That's how it is done! You can do the same in-game by adjusting the Server Ruleset via the Game Settings option. If you’re hosting your own dedicated server on a PC, you can follow the instructions in the next section to edit V Rising server settings.

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How To Change V Rising Server Settings After Creation

If you started the game with default settings, but regret that you had changed some of the settings, or you are hosting your own dedicated server on a PC, you can change the settings easily.

Here is how to edit V Rising server settings after creation:

  • First, navigate to the following location: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\Saves\v1\[YOUR SAVE]\
  • Then, open the ServerGameSettings.json file with Notepad++ for editing.
  • Now, open the following file: Steam\steamapps\common\VRising\VRising_Server\VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings
  • You need to find the string for the setting you like to change in the main file above, and copy and paste it into the new file. For example, the string for clan size is ClanSize and game mode is GameModeType.
  • Finally, save the edited file and you are done.

By editing the script you will be able to change various V Rising server settings including game mode, clan size, castle damage mode, time zone of the server and so on.