How To Fix V Rising Connection Timed Out Error

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V Rising Connection Timed Out
Credit: Stunlock Studios

V Rising players have been complaining about the V Rising Connection Timed Out error that is preventing them from joining a server. But what can you do to fix it?

Like most early access games, V Rising has run into its fair share of bugs. Whether it's the V Rising server error or the authentication error, there are lots of issues that can halt your process.

Luckily, there are some workarounds. Here's how you can try to fix this pesky connection timed out issue.

How To Fix V Rising Connection Timed Out

If you have encountered the V Rising connection timed out error, then you can try the following solutions relating to its server.

Before you start the troubleshooting process, make sure you meet the system requirements. Because, if you don’t meet these requirements, you may end up connection timed-out issue and other problems like V Rising crashing on your PC or experiencing lag and stuttering.


Check server status

The first thing you should do is to check if the V Rising server you are trying to connect to is up and running. Unfortunately, V Rising doesn't have a dedicated server status page.

However, they update everything about server maintenance and outages on their Twitter account. You can switch to a different server if the one you are trying to connect to is down.

Check for server overload

Presently, V Rising has set the player cap at one time on the official servers to 40 players. So, if the server you are trying to connect to is full, you will get a connection timed out error.

In that case, you can either connect to a server in a different region with less traffic or wait for the server to clear up.

This isn't the only issue players have had with V Rising caps. Players have also complained about seeing the V Rising clan is full error when attempting to join new clans.

Check your Internet connection

If the servers are running as they should be and there is no sign of server overload, check if your connection is fast and stable.

Close programs that you aren't using, to ensure as little traffic on the network as possible. You can also try restarting your router as it's a common fix for many connectivity issues.

Alternatively, we've seen a player on Reddit suggest disabling VPN may fix this connection timed out error. If you use a VPN, you might want to try turning it off.

What Is The V Rising Connection Timed Out Error?

Typically, the V Rising connection timed out error occurs when a client connection does not receive a response from the server after a specified amount of time.

Players have complained about waiting over an hour in an attempt to join a V Rising server, to no avail.


Server outages, server overload or slow internet connection are the most common causes of this error.

One of the above solutions will definitely help you fix the V Rising connection timed out error. You will be back in the game in no time. Enjoy!

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