How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Update Error

How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Update Error On Mobile
Credit: Steam

How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Update Error On Mobile
Credit: Steam

If you have been hit by the Tower of Fantasy update error, don't worry. There are some easy fixes to this update failed issue.

While ToF PC gamers are plagued with the Tower of Fantasy black screen issue and login status exception, mobile users are affected by an annoying update error which leaves them frustrated and helpless.

Luckily, there are some easy fixes to this Tower of Fantasy update error. We will guide you through the troubleshooting steps to fix the Tower of Fantasy update failed error on mobile. Let's get started!

How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Update Error

According to reports, the Tower of Fantasy update error predominantly affects iPhones and iPads. Android devices are also affected by this error but not as much as Apple devices.

When you are hit with the update error, underneath the "Update error. Please try again." error message you would find the cause of the error. For some, it is "Insufficient space to update resources" and for others, it reads "Missing string table entry".

Whatever the error message you are getting, here are some fixes that you can try.

  • Restarting the iOS device fixed the issue for some.
  • If you are on Android, just restart the app as recommended by this Reddit user.
  • Free up some space on your device.
  • Clear the app cache and data. On iPhone, offload the ToF app.
  • Try again after some time as the error message says.

Another option is to uninstall the game, restart your device and install the game. This method has worked for some and we hope it works for you too. If nothing seems to solve the issue, contact the ToF support team and report the issue.

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How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Update Failed Due To Insufficient Storage Space Error

Some mobile users are getting "Update failed due to insufficient storage space" when opening up the ToF app. The error is pretty self-explanatory. Your mobile device is running out of space, which is causing the update to fail.

To fix the issue just free up space on your iPhone or Android device. Just keep in mind that your smartphone must have 10-20% free storage for the apps to run smoothly. Otherwise, apps like Instagram will keep crashing.

It has been reported that users with more than enough free space are also experiencing this error. It's weird that users are getting this insufficient storage space error while having plenty of storage space. But since it's still happening, here's what you can do about it.

Try clearing your Tower of Fantasy cache and app data as it has worked for some. On Android, it's pretty straightforward, but if you are using an iPhone, you won't see an option to clear the app cache and data. However, you can "offload app" which is a fancy term for clearing the cache. Just do it and you will be fine.

To get the best gaming experience possible, here are some tips to fix lag and crashing in Tower of Fantasy.

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