Tower of Fantasy PlayStation - Is Tower of Fantasy Coming To PS4 or PS5?

Tower of Fantasy PlayStation
Credit: Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy PlayStation
Credit: Hotta Studio

If you're wondering about the chances of a Tower of Fantasy PlayStation version, we've got you covered. Maybe you've grown disillusioned by issues such as Tower of Fantasy crashing, or the Tower of Fantasy black screen, and hope that a console version would avoid these problems.

Or, maybe you would just prefer to play on your PS5 instead of your PC. Whatever your reason, we'll explain the availability of Tower of Fantasy on PlayStation.

If you've got a Sony console that needs some more JRPG goodness, then you'll find everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy's PlayStation presence below, including whether or not the game can be played on the latest consoles.

Can you play Tower of Fantasy on PS4 or PS5?

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PS4 and PS5 consoles. For a long time, Tower of Fantasy was a mobile game that was only available on mobile devices, but with the popularity of Genshin Impact, it has now been ported to PlayStation consoles.

Tower of Fantasy is also available to play on Windows computers, or you can download it on Android via the Google Play Store, or for iOS via the Apple App Store.

But we think the better experience will be to hook it up to your PS4 or PS5 and play on the big screen. I mean, how can you see all those JRPG numbers flying around in a little phone screen? What about all those anime-like graphics? Madness.

In any case, if you want to play Tower of Fantasy alongside millions of other people, you can now play the PS4, PS5, PC or mobile versions of the game.

You may be one of the many players who has been banned from Tower of Fantasy. If this applies to you, check out our guide to a Tower of Fantasy ban.

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