What Is The Level Cap In Tower Of Fantasy?

What Is The Level Cap In Tower Of Fantasy?
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If you want some insight on the Tower of Fantasy daily level cap, then read on, because we'll put everything you need to know about the JRPG below.

Despite some bugs and server errors in Tower of Fantasy (which is normal for a newly released game), players seem to enjoy it very much. However, players are complaining about the level cap system in Tower of Fantasy. It is hampering the progress of the players in the game, according to some users.

In this article, we will shed some light on the level cap system in Tower of Fantasy. What is the daily level cap in Tower of Fantasy? How long it will take to reach the maximum level? Let's get into it.

Tower Of Fantasy Daily Level Cap

You must be wondering why you can't get past level 18 on your first day of playing Tower of Fantasy. Well, it is because Tower of Fantasy has a level cap system in place that prevents you from advancing too fast and levelling up all at once.

The level cap is the highest level that you can reach. Tower of Fantasy has two kinds of level caps: a maximum level cap and a daily level cap. As the name suggests, the max level cap is the highest level you can achieve in the game. Currently, the maximum level cap is set to 70.

The daily level cap is the highest level you can achieve per day. Every day, you will receive a new level cap. Obviously, the daily level cap is set in place to keep players coming back to the game every day. However, players aren't happy with the daily level cap as it prevents them from levelling up.

However, according to a Reddit post, your daily level cap is tied to the age of the server, not the age of your account. In other words, if the server you are connected to is 6 days old, you can technically reach the max level of 34 on your first day itself. Note that the Tower of Fantasy servers were launched on August 10, 2022.

Following is the Tower of Fantasy daily level cap:

  • Day 1: Max Level 18
  • Day 2: Max Level 24
  • Day 3: Max Level 27
  • Day 4: Max Level 30
  • Day 5: Max Level 32
  • Day 6: Max Level 34
  • Day 7: Max Level 36
  • Day 8: Max Level 38
  • Day 9: Max Level 40
  • Day 11: Max Level 42
  • Day 13: Max Level 44
  • Day 15: Max Level 46
  • Day 17: Max Level 47
  • Day 19: Max Level 48
  • Day 21: Max Level 49
  • Day 23: Max Level 50
  • Day 25: Max Level 51
  • Day 27: Max Level 52
  • Day 29: Max Level 53
  • Day 31: Max Level 54
  • Day 34: Max Level 55
  • Day 37: Max Level 56
  • Day 40: Max Level 57
  • Day 43: Max Level 58
  • Day 46: Max Level 59
  • Day 49: Max Level 60
  • Day 52: Max Level 61
  • Day 56: Max Level 62
  • Day 60: Max Level 63
  • Day 64: Max Level 64
  • Day 68: Max Level 65
  • Day 72: Max Level 66
  • Day 76: Max Level 67
  • Day 80: Max Level 68
  • Day 84: Max Level 69
  • Day 88: Max Level 70 - November 6, 2022

Because of the daily level cap, it is wise to stop grinding for EXP once you've reached the level cap. What happens to the additional EXPs you have collected is still unclear. Whether it gets carried over to the next day or whether it just disappears is still unknown.

Since players are expressing their disapproval about the daily level cap, we can hope that the devs will increase the daily max level cap. As you can see, it will take at least 88 days for a player to hit the maximum level of 70.

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Tower Of Fantasy Daily Reset Time

What Is The Level Cap In Tower Of Fantasy? Tower Of Fantasy Daily Reset Time
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The daily reset in Tower of Fantasy happens every day at 5 AM ET. Here is a quick time conversion for some of the time zones.

  • 2 AM PT
  • 4 AM CT
  • 10 AM BST
  • 2:30 PM IST
  • 7 PM AET

The daily reset refreshes the servers so players can claim sign-in bonuses, complete daily tasks, and more. In addition, it raises the max daily level cap. After the servers have been reset, you can relaunch the game and gather more EXPs to hit the latest level cap.

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