Tower Of Fantasy Ban - Can You Get Unbanned?

Tower Of Fantasy Ban: How To Get Unbanned In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy Ban: How To Get Unbanned In Tower Of Fantasy

A Tower Of Fantasy ban wave has now hit the game for the first time, banning over 1700 accounts. You'll find everything you need to know about the JRPG game below.

Tower of Fantasy had a rocky launch and the players had to deal with many annoying bugs. The servers were too crowded at the beginning of the game's launch and caused many errors like the login status exception or lag in Tower of Fantasy.

Recently, many players have had their accounts banned. If you’ve been banned from Tower of Fantasy, you’re probably wondering if you can get unbanned.

Tower Of Fantasy Ban Wave

On August 18, Tower of Fantasy announced a wave of bans on 1706 accounts involved in "severe rule violations". According to the announcements, they were banned for "using cheating software and the violation of using scripts for initializing account data."

Modifying the file "ksophon_x64.sys" appears to be the one reason behind the ban. Tower of Fantasy's anti-cheat system, ksophon_x64.sys, caused many players to experience black screen issues. In order to fix it, players were removing the file and creating a new empty one with the same name. And this resulted in a ban.

Some players have complained about this, noting that they had no intention of cheating and were trying to solve an issue. Meanwhile, real cheaters who hacked Tower of Fantasy's level cap may not have been banned yet.

The devs revealed that some sort of "improvement of the game's anti-cheat mechanism" is on the way. So hopefully, that will mean these cheaters will be caught sooner rather than later, with a new wave of bans.

How To Get Unbanned In Tower Of Fantasy

For those who have been banned, you will be able to play Tower of Fantasy without waiting for 10 years. However, unlike the Warzone permanent ban, they don't ban the account but only ban the character.

This means you can create a new character on the same server or on a different server and start playing ToF. You don't even need a new account. Easy.

Now, take a look at the best Tower of Fantasy server list, so you won't get the dreaded server error while trying to log in.

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