Total War Warhammer II: Twisted & Twilight Trailer, release time, best price, patch notes, gameplay and more news

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Since its release back in September 2017, Warhammer II has gone from strength to strength, and it's about to get even stronger with new DLC announced this week.

Called Twisted & Twilight, it looks to introduce new units and mechanics, alongside more legendary lords.

Outlets have highly praised the game, even featuring it on their 'Top 50 Games' of 2017, and while Creative Assembly has all but confirmed that Warhammer III is on its way, that's not stopping the team on expanding this entry even further.

With that, lets see what this new DLC entails, and when it will be releasing.

Twisted & Twilight Gameplay Trailer

Alongside the announcement of this new DLC, Total War also released an extended trailer showing off some gameplay. You can watch it below:

Twisted & Twilight Features

Their blog goes into some of what the DLC entails, but we've been able to discover much of what is included.

There are two new 'Legendary Lords' such as:

  1. Sisters of Twilight Naestra and Arahan, Emissaries of Queen Ariel.
  2. Throt the Unclean, Master Mutator of Clan Moulder and one of the nine Lords of Hell Pit.

New Units and Heroes for the Wood Elves and Skaven, such as:

  • Zoats, Great Stag Knights, Bladesingers, Spellweavers, and Queen Ariel of Athel Loren herself for the Wood Elves.
  • Spellweaver: Spellcaster Lord who can be recruited to wield the Lores of Life/Beasts/Shadow/Dark/High magic
  • Zoats: Powerful Monstrous Beasts who have access to bound Lore of Life spells.
  • Great Stag Knights: heavy Wood Elf cavalry used to penetrate infantry lines and decimate lighter cavalry.
  • Bladesingers: Elite, sword-wielding Wardancers.
  • Brood Horrors, Mutant Rat Ogres, Packmasters, Wolf Rats, and the terrifying Ghoritch for the Skaven.

There's also a 'Regiments of Renown', which features:

  • Pit Fighters of Hell's Deep (Rat Ogres): Comes with the Berserk ability and can be used to effectively combat terror units.
  • Morskittar's Hellion (Mutant Rat Ogre): Capable of summoning a localized bombardment of warp lightning.
  • The Thing Thing (Hell Pit Abomination): Has the ability to buff melee attack and weapon strength but rampages self in process.

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Twisted & Twilight Best Price

The best price for The Twisted & The Twilight is currently on Steam, where you can buy the DLC for £7.19 - a 10% price drop from its normal £7.99. However, you'll need to be quick to get this offer, as it ends when the game goes live later today...

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Twisted & Twilight Release Time

Total War's The Twisted & The Twilight DLC went live on 3 December. While the release time may vary in other regions, we were told that it went live at 3pm GMT.

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Twisted & Twilight Patch Notes

With every new update comes a bunch of tweaks, changes, and bug fixes. Twisted & Twilight doesn't disappoint, and we've selected some of the largest changes coming below.

First, by using the dropdown menu next to the difficulty settings on the campaign selection screen, you can now change the difficulty of the Chaos invasion in Mortal Empires, shifting the scale of the incoming invasion.

The tooltip now also includes two extra unit performance statistics when hovering over the kill-counter. These are:

  • Damage Dealt tracks the raw damage dealt by the unit to other units
  • Damage Value tracks the rough value of the damage the unit has dealt.

Twisted & Twilight also sees knockdown and bracing changes, with characters being generally much studier.

Aside from these, the Wood Elves have received a large overhaul to their campaign.

  • Amber is no longer required for recruitment or building, only for a specific subset of brand new technologies
  • Amber is no longer gained from occupying settlements. It is now a rare reward from performing special Rituals tied to Magical Forest settlements
  • Campaign progress is now tracked by a new system called Forest Health. Each Magical Forest has its own health level, which increases over time as the player defends the borders of the Forest
  • Wood Elves can teleport between Magical Forests and receive special narrative encounters that help shape their defence of the region
  • There are two new minor mechanics themed around Tree Spirits: Aspect unit upgrades, and Spite character traits
  • Technologies, buildings, skills, followers events and traits have all been updated.

If you want to check out the much more comprehensive list of patch notes, you can view this on the Total War website here.

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