Total War Elysium: Gameplay video, release date, Reddit reactions, reviews roundup, beta details, and which platforms is it coming to?

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The 'Total War' series is twenty years old this year, and since then there's been over ten games released in the series.

It's also switched hands with publishers, from Electronic Arts, to Activision in 2002, and then SEGA in 2005. The main consensus agree that it wasn't until 'Medieval II: Total War' that the series started hitting its stride.

With 'Troy: A Total War Saga' released in August this year, SEGA have decided to capitalise on its success with a card game spinoff, releasing for mobile platforms and PC sometime next year.

With that, here's what the game entails, and when we may see a release.


It's a different spin on the collectable card game genre, as you can select cards showcasing many generals from previous Total War games, alongside new characters exclusive to Elysium.

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Reddit Reactions

There hasn't been a great many posts in the sub forElysium so far, but that's predicted to grow once the beta test is expanded, and then even more once the game is released to the masses.

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Which Platforms?

Creative Assembly have announced it for Steam, Android and iOS so far, but it would be great to see it on the next-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X in time.

Even an appearance on Nintendo's Switch or rumoured 'Switch Pro' would be fantastic. We also wouldn't say no to a port on PS4 and Xbox One at some point - but maybe that's too optimistic!

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Beta Date

The developers have been offering a 'playtest' of Elysium for some time now, where you can access an early version of the game to help Creative Assembly finetune Elysium until its release.

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Release Date

There has been no release date announced as yet, but the developers have advised to check this FAQ for any developments in its release.

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