Total War Access: What is Total War Access, is it free, and can you link Epic Games account to the service?

Total War is a series that's been going on for a while, and it's pretty astoundingly good too. Whether you're into historical battles or fantasy ones, there's guaranteed to be an entry that'll feel tailor-made for you. You only have to look at the latest DLC to realise how good it all is.

If you're into strategy games and you've not played any of these games then you're really missing out.

As is always the way with games in the world of the internet, there's now a new thing you can get if you like Total War.

So, here's what you need to know about Total War Access.

What is Total War Access?

Total War Access is a free service that basically confirms you as a big old Total War fan. It also gives you access to the Total War Forums, where you can chat to other fans of the series and maybe even set up some games.

It's something that's well worth signing up to because it gives you access to loads of cool freebies.

You'll need to link it to your Steam and Epic accounts if you want to have an easier time redeeming things, but it's nice and easy to do and it's a small price to pay for free stuff.

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What can you get from Total War Access?

The specifics will likely change fairly regularly, but as it stands you can get your hands on an awful lot.

If you're into reading then you'll be happy to know that there are loads of eBooks for free on the service.

You can also download a bunch of different wallpapers to make your desktop look pretty, and music too to be able to listen too as well.

On top of that, and this'll be the best bit for a lot of players, there are free DLC bits and bobs on Total War Access too.

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