Torchlight Infinite connection error: how to resolve connection issues on Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight: Infinite gameplay - Torchlight Infinite connection error
Credit: XD

Torchlight: Infinite gameplay - Torchlight Infinite connection error
Credit: XD

The Torchlight: Infinite connection error is being reported by a number of users, who are struggling to access the game as a result. Torchlight: Infinite is, of course, the latest in the Torchlight series of ARPGs, offering a wide variety of heroes that can be built to suit your preferred combat style.

Which is all well and good, but if the connection error means you can't actually play the game, then it's as meaningless as a politician's promises. We're here to tell you what might be going on, and offer some potential fixes for you.

How to resolve the connection issue on Torchlight: Infinite

There are, unfortunately, several potential causes for the Torchlight: Infinite connection error. But in good news, this means there are also several potential solutions. And while we can't know for certain which one will work for you, we do know that there is a strong probability that at least one will. Work your way through these tips, and hopefully, you'll find the fix you are looking for.

Without further ado, here are our recommendations:

  • Start with the obvious - restart your game, and if that doesn't work, restart your computer.
  • Next, check for any known server issues. You can check the official Twitter feed @torchlight_xd or via Discord. If there are any problems with the servers, wait until these are resolved before trying again.
  • If the servers are fine, your next step is to troubleshoot your own internet connection. Try restarting your router, reduce the number of other apps you are running that may be competing for bandwidth, and if possible, switch from WiFi to a wired connection to improve stability.
  • Check for any pending updates to the game or your system software, and install any that are available.
  • Make sure your antivirus or firewall isn't blocking the game. either temporarily disable them before trying to play the game, or add Torchlight: Infinite to your safe list.
  • Sometimes, these errors resolve themselves after a while. So you might find if you leave it and try again at another time, it will work.

If nothing seems to be working, you can try contacting the support team via Twitter, to see if they have any advice.

What is the Torchlight: Infinite connection error?

As we mentioned above, there are several possible causes for connection errors on Torchlight: Infinite. It's quite common for new games to experience this kind of issue, and often, it's because too many people are trying to play the game at the same time.

In this scenario, the servers struggle to cope with traffic levels. If this is what's going on, then in good news, as traffic levels stabilise, the connection error should begin to disappear.

And if not, then work your way through the other fixes we've suggested. They're your best chance of getting back into the game.

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