The Sims TV series: How to watch The Sims Spark'd

Reality TV and video games aren't two entertainment mediums you'd immediately think would have a big crossover. However, the international popularity of esports and live streaming has shown that there is certainly an appetite to get to know the gamers behind the avatars.

If any game was going to bring those two worlds together, it was The Sims. One of the bestselling videogame franchises of all time, The Sims is a "life simulator" that sees you essentially creating your very own reality TV-style world, complete with its own cast of quirky characters for you to play god with. It's big business: publisher EA announced that The Sims 4, the series' most recent instalment, has reached an impressive milestone of having 20 million players worldwide (as of January 2020).

And so it is that The Sims has inspired its very own reality TV competition series. Forget watching contestants bake cakes or battle for a job with Lord Sugar – The Sims Spark'd pits the creativity of 12 talented Sims players against each other. They are tested on their ability to create and tell stories in The Sims 4, and are given specific tasks and challenges to complete. The prize? A cool $100,000. You can watch the trailer below…

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How to watch The Sims Spark'd

The Sims Spark'd is a US-based series but, if you're based anywhere outside of the States, fear not. The Sims has a huge global fanbase, so the producers have rather smartly made the whole series available online for everyone to enjoy.

The series consists of four episodes, which originally premiered on American TV network TBS this summer. However, the entire series is now available to stream for free online. Simply head to the Buzzfeed Multiplayer YouTube, where you'll find a playlist of all four episodes.

Alternatively, the show is available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, so Prime subscribers can watch it for free on the Amazon website or via the Prime Video TV and mobile apps. If you're a Sims superfan, get involved.

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