The Razer Viper Mini is the lightest EVER Razer mouse

If you’ve been looking for a lightweight mouse, look no further: Razer has revealed the Razer Viper Mini and confirmed that it’s the lightest mouse the iconic gaming hardware brand has ever produced.

Described on the official Razer website as “ultra-light” and “ultra-fast”, the Razer Viper Mini looks like a really impressive option if you’re looking for a low-weight mouse. If you’re gaming on the go or looking to make some seriously speedy manoeuvres, it’s hard to argue against what the Razer Viper Mini is offering. 

Interested? Thought you might be! Here’s everything you need know about the Razer Viper Mini, starting with that impressive weight stat...

Razer Viper Mini Weight

The Razer Viper Mini weighs in at just 61 grams, making it - as advertised - the lightest mouse that Razer has ever put to market. And if you want another seriously impressive statistic, Razer claims this is "almost half the weight of the average gaming mouse." Of course, not everyone's playstyle will suit such a miniature mouse. Razer notes that the Razer Viper Mini is best suited to gamers with small to medium hand sizes that favour the claw or fingertip grip styles.

Razer Viper Mini Specs

Despite its small size, the Razer Viper Mini has carried across quite a lot of specs and features from its big brother (the critically acclaimed and award-winning Razer Viper). This little version of the beloved mouse has Razer Optical Mouse Switches and no fewer than six programmable buttons. And it's got an 8,500 DPI sensor with 300 IPS tracking, which Razer claims will give players "pixel-precise accuracy in-game."

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Razer Viper Mini Price

Investing in new gaming tech isn't always the cheapest thing to do, so you've got to salute Razer for serving up a reasonably affordable option here. At launch, the Razer Viper Mini will set you back just £39.99 GBP. It may well be a while before we see any Razer Viper Mini deals, but this price point isn't a bad place to start. For comparison, the full-sized and high-end equivalent - The Razer Viper Ultimate - is currently costed at £149.99.

Razer Viper Mini Release Date

You don’t have to wait for the Razer Viper Mini. This incredibly lightweight mouse is out now, and you can order from the Razer website at this link.

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