The Nitro Deck+ looks like a must-have for Switch fans

The Nitro Deck+
Credit: CRKD

The Nitro Deck+
Credit: CRKD

Premium collectable brand CRKD has officially unveiled the Nitro Deck+, which builds upon the foundation of its predecessor by adding features fans had wanted, making it a solid peripheral if you want to upgrade from the Nintendo Switch's default joycons.

Revealed at the IGN FanFest event, the Nitro Deck+ is a response to extensive community feedback following the original Nitro Deck's release. This new addition maintains the original Nitro Deck's comfortable footprint but introduces some neat functionalities and features designed to enhance the Switch user experience.

A Switch using the Nitro Deck+
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Credit: CRKD
The Nitro Deck+ features a slick design

Among the new features, the Nitro Deck+ comes with enhanced ergonomics that include an adjusted right thumbstick placement for a more intuitive and symmetrical gaming experience. A major highlight is its ability to connect directly to a TV without an external dock, offering a more seamless transition between handheld and TV play.

Adding to the customisation options are two new 'Sidekick' buttons placed next to the thumbsticks. These buttons replicate A and B action commands, ensuring faster reaction times and better performance in games that require more preciseness. Paired with re-mappable back buttons, the Nitro Deck+ caters to those looking for a more robust controller.

On top of that, the easy eject system allows for the safe removal of the Switch console without touching the screen, while an upgraded, adjustable rumble system enhances immersion, so you won't miss the joycon rumble functionality.

Bluetooth connectivity facilitates communication with the CRKD App for firmware updates, with future plans for extensive customisation options.

Jack Guinchard, Global Brand Manager for CRKD, expressed excitement about the Nitro Deck+'s launch, stating, "The Nitro Deck+ is a direct response to the feedback we gathered, and we can't wait to see how gamers respond. At CRKD, we're committed to bringing gamers high-quality, disruptive products that elevate both the gaming and collectible experience."

Available for pre-order in Clear Black and Clear White, the Nitro Deck+ is priced at $69.99 / €79.99 / £69.99, with early pre-orders set to ship in late April 2024. Secure your Nitro Deck+ today at CRKD's official website.

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