The Nintendo Switch has now OUTSOLD the NES

We all know that the Nintendo Switch is a great console. The mix of handheld and at-home gaming is completely unique, and the excellent games on it don't hurt either.

It's a big win for a lot of Nintendo fans, as we had to suffer through the dark days of the Wii U being the main Nintendo console.

Well, it looks as though things just keep getting better and better for the console, and not just because we still don't know when the PS5 and Xbox Series X are releasing.

Nope, we're talking about sales figures here, and the Switch is doing very well indeed.

The Nintendo Switch has outsold the NES

As discussed on Resetera by user sir_crocodile, the Nintendo Switch has surpassed the NES in terms of sales numbers.

The user explains that the figures that Famitsu has revealed over the last 5 weeks plus the last official count mean that it has hit around 62.04 million units sold.

This makes it the 6th best-selling platform of all time for Nintendo, and the 2nd best-selling console. The best-selling console, for Nintendo anyway, is the might Wii.

You might remember that as being the one that everyone and their Gran had, mostly thanks to the incredibly entertaining Wii Sports. However, even the Wii is nothing in the face of the Nintendo DS, though there are so many different versions of that handheld that it is a little unfair.

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What are the best-selling Nintendo Consoles

The user was also kind enough to do a rundown of the sales figures for Nintendo platforms as a whole. It's actually quite a fascinating look at just how well the company does in general.

  • Nintendo DS - 154.02M
  • Game Boy/Game Boy Color - 118.69M
  • Nintendo Wii - 101.63M
  • Game Boy Advance - 81.51M
  • Nintendo 3DS - 75.87M
  • Nintendo Switch - 62.04M
  • NES - 61.91M
  • SNES - 49.1M
  • Nintendo 64 - 32.93M
  • GameCube - 21.74M
  • Wii U - 13.56M
  • Virtual Boy - 770K

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