The Game Awards peaked early when they announced Hades 2

hades 2 game awards peaked early melinoe poses dramatically in key art
Credit: Supergiant Games

hades 2 game awards peaked early melinoe poses dramatically in key art
Credit: Supergiant Games

It’s been almost a day since The Game Awards premiered and I can’t get over the announcement of Hades 2. Like many, I loved the original game and poured hundreds of hours into it but a part of me always wished there was more of it.

The trailer starts with some stunning animation that looks familiar but doesn’t immediately ring any bells in my mind. After some flashy moves, I notice that one of the combatants has feathers on her head and…yellow feet?

“Look at her feet,” I yell to my confused girlfriend. “Is this Hades?”

Once the fight ends, a familiar tune plays. “IT’S HADES,” my girlfriend and I excitedly yell. Even more familiar hack-and-slash gameplay for the title appears, which proceeds to blow our minds. We already knew this was something Hades-related but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. Is this an expansion for the game? Maybe some genderbent DLC? THEN. We get very familiar key art before the words “Hades 2” flash on the screen. My girlfriend and I are in elated tears.

After Hades 2 was announced, The Game Awards barely mattered to me. All I wanted was more info on the sequel (though that Final Fantasy 16 trailer was neat.)

While not getting a release date was disappointing, it made all the sense in the world. The original Hades stayed in Early Access until it was ready. But my blissful memories of stepping into Zagreus’ yellow feet made me wish the game was available right now.

You see, the first Hades isn’t just one of my favorite games. It legitimately changed my life. Fans of the game will remember how dreadful 2020 was. It was the height of the pandemic and we couldn’t see our friends or loved ones. Like most people, I was having a hard time having energy for, well, anything in life. Hades was the game that helped me get through this period, thanks to its charming characters and stellar combat.

Of course, there’s another reason why I hold Hades dear to my heart; it’s how I met my girlfriend. Meeting on Bumble, our daily conversations turned to the shows we watch and the games we play. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if she liked me, despite the fact that she listened to my wrestling rants and watched the anime adaptations of Persona 4 and Persona 5 at my behest. Funnily enough, Hades changed that.

After purchasing Hades on my Nintendo Switch, I tell her about the game. We quickly become obsessed with the game's complex characters, engaging storyline, and addicting gameplay.

Weeks pass by and all we can talk about is Hades. Memes about Zagreus being dumb are shared. Beautiful fanart from artists of the wholesome and horny variety is shared. Discussions over Thanatos, Hypnos, Artemis, Ares, and more happen every other day. It’s a game we kept bonding over and we could feel that bond get stronger after each passing day.

One day, she shares some sweet fanart of Thanatos and Zagreus (or ThanZag if you’re into that) like she usually does. It seems like a typical conversation with her about Hades until she tells me “I want what they have.” She utters those words, I ask her out, and we’ve now been dating for close to three years.

Fast forward to that Game Awards announcement of Hades 2. Prior to that, she was finishing some work and had no interest in the show whatsoever. Once I told her a trailer from Supergiant was playing, it got her attention. She screams when we see the female character Melinoe; not just because she’s hot, but because she’s clearly related to Zagreus.

Witnessing the Hades 2 trailer together gave us a feeling of elation and nostalgia, which is funny since the game is only two-years-old. After the trailer finished, it didn’t take us long to go on Twitter, witnessing the incredibly talented Hades fanbase show their love for the sequel with witty reactions and great art.

Honestly, it felt like the early days of our relationship again. A feeling that I truly cherish.

Due to the numerous characters and storylines in Greek mythology, we always thought Hades was ripe for DLC. As time went on, it seemed like the developers wanted to move on and make new games, which we were on board with. I had played and enjoyed Bastion before playing Hades, so I knew Supergiant wouldn’t disappoint with a new property.

Cue to The Game Awards announcement, me mentioning yellow feet, and simultaneous tears of joy over Hades 2. Screw original ideas and characters, more Greek lore, please.

After only one trailer there’s so much to be excited about for Hades 2. Combat looks just as fun as it did before, with new weapons that help Melinoe stand out from her brother. The story of Melinoe fighting the Titans is immediately compelling, as is the image of an old and chained-up Hades.

New characters like Apollo and Nemesis also look so fine.

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So yeah, Hades 2 stole The Game Awards. It should win Game of the Year whenever it comes out.

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