Terraria announces an exciting new feature

Terraria is a game that initially came out back in 2011 and has just gotten better and better ever since.

It's the kind of game that'll easily eat your entire life up if you get into it, and it's one of those infinite gameplay experiences that could see you through until the end of days.

Not only that, but despite the "final" update releasing earlier on this year, it's still being worked on by the devs.

So, here's what the next update is looking like.

Terraria is adding Steam Workshop support

As announced in a blog post on the Terraria forum as well as a Tweet from one of the main people behind Terraria, we'll soon be getting Steam Workshop support for Texture Packs and Map Sharing.

That's great news for people who like to put a little bit of shine onto their Terraria games.

It means that you'll also be able to share your creations with other players, and that'll be great for some more custom modes in the game.

The blog post also announced that they're planning to reach the Alpha stage of testing for the final update for Terraria on consoles this year.

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When will the final update for Terraria hit consoles

Assuming the Alpha test goes well, we could well see the update coming to consoles early in 2021.

This'll mean that everyone can finally play in the same version of Terraria, and the team is even aiming at trying to get the Nintendo Switch update out close to the PS4/Xbox One update.

Once the final update has rolled out everywhere and all of the bug fixes are in place, maybe we'll start to get some news about what comes next for Re-Logic, the team behind this incredible game.

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