Tag Heuer's Super Mario Smartwatch will cost you a lot of gold coins

There's a long-said phrase in the gaming-fashion world: “If you don’t rep Mario, you're a gosh-darn fool.” Anyone who's anyone reps gaming's greatest plumber on at least one item of clothing. For those who really love Nintendo's podgy mascot, can pick up Tag Heuer’s Super Mario Smartwatch for a lot of coins.

Tag Heuer’s Super Mario Smartwatch

After a mysterious teaser last week, Tag Heuer has revealed their upcoming Super Mario Smartwatch. A Limited Edition version of the company's Connected Smartwatch from last year, this expensive redesign gives the luxury Smartwatch a Nintendo flair.

Thanks to a report by TechCrunch, details of the upcoming release have been revealed early. The Tag Heuer Super Mario Smartwatch will be part of a 2000-unit run with a single device costing $2,150. As TechCrunch explains, that's the same cost as six of Nintendo's new OLED Switch.

Of course, the new watch skin has numerous Mario influences to sell the new look. There's the obvious red strap and red Mario-themed carrying case. The entire chassis features red accents and the watch dial even includes a little Mario M.

Tag Heuer's Super Mario Smartwatch
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Special Features

Tag Heuer’s Super Mario Smartwatch isn't just a Mario themed chassis. The company's entire WearOS frontend appears to be given a huge Mario makeover. TechCrunch explains that, as you do activities such as walking a certain number of steps, Mario will come out to congratulate you. He's a swell guy and he wants you to succeed.

These features seem like awesome additions to a kid’s Smartwatch. However, a kid’s Smartwatch wouldn't cost over $2000. It’s a confusing dichotomy, but it's a neat watch nonetheless. It should definitely be cheaper, though.

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It's f***ing Mario!

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