Steam Deck Shipping Time: How Long Does It Take For Steam Deck To Ship?

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Steam Deck Shipping Time: How Long Does It Take For Steam Deck To Ship?

Want to know the Steam Deck shipping time? Read on!

So you have ordered and paid for your Steam Deck, and are eagerly waiting to get your hands on it. But how long does it take to get your order shipped? This is a question that comes up fairly often with many customers.


We have put together this quick article to help you with this question. Let's find out!

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How Long Does It Take For Steam Deck To Ship After Confirmation?

After getting your payment, Valve will process your order and sort out the logistics behind getting your new Deck to you. During this time, the order estimation will just say “processing”.

It normally takes Valve three days to ship the Steam Deck after confirmation but it can take longer if there are some problems with organising your order or assigning you a courier. After the courier receives your Steam Deck, the order status will change to “shipping soon”.


Once your deck has been shipped, they’ll notify you via email with a tracking number so you can follow along. Have a look at this Reddit thread to get an idea of the Steam Deck shipping timeline.

How Long Does It Take For Steam Deck To Deliver?

The delivery times vary depending on where you live and various other factors. While some people received their Steam Deck within 3 working days after payment, other people had to wait much longer.


Shipments are made five days a week, and the average delivery time for the steam deck is 7 days. Your order might arrive faster than this, or it may take longer than this. If you're living in low-density areas away from popular delivery routes, you may have to wait up to 2 - 3 weeks for your order to arrive.

The model of the Steam Deck also affects the shipping and delivery time. It is likely that your order will be further out if you choose a more high-end model.

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