How To Fix The Steam Deck Desktop Mode Not Working Issue

How To Fix The Steam Deck Desktop Mode Not Working Issue

How To Fix The Steam Deck Desktop Mode Not Working Issue

Is the Steam Deck Desktop Mode not working for you? We have got some easy fixes that you can try.

The Desktop Mode lets you use your Steam Deck like a PC. You can browse the web, download files and install software, run and emulate games and do whatever you'd do on a normal PC. Switching to Desktop Mode can even enable games Steam couldn't otherwise play.

However, the desktop mode is not perfect. Sometimes, the Steam Deck Desktop Mode doesn't work properly, especially while using the Steam app. So, we've decided to share with you some of the fixes that you can try to fix the issue.

How To Fix The Steam Deck Desktop Mode Not Working Issue

As we mentioned earlier, you might experience some glitches or issues while using the Desktop Mode. Sometimes your keyboard, mouse or trackpad stops working in Desktop Mode and it can be frustrating. The issue seems to occur majorly while using the Steam Client.

If you are experiencing problems while using Desktop Mode, here are some fixes that you can try. Whether it's the Steam Deck trackpad, keyboard, or mouse which is not working in Desktop Mode, the following fixes can help you to solve the problem.

  • First, make sure your Steam Client is fully updated. If it's fully up to date and it's still not working, try changing the Beta participation between Stable and Beta.
  • Open up System Monitor, find the Steam app, right-click and select Send Signal > KILL. Relaunch Steam and it should work as expected.
  • Go back into the Game Mode and then switch back into the Desktop Mode. It takes a while but fixes the issue.

Hopefully, one of the fixes will work. In case the problem persists, we recommend you contact Steam Support and seek their help. But in most cases, our fixes are enough to fix the problem.

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Steam Deck Desktop Mode Keyboard Not Working?

As you know, if you press the Steam + X buttons, you can bring up an on-screen keyboard on your Steam Deck. However, the virtual keyboard in the Steam Deck’s Desktop Mode only works if Steam is running. So make sure Steam is running if the keyboard is not working in Desktop Mode.

There are some cases where the Steam Deck’s virtual keyboard does not work even though Steam is running. There are two possible causes for this. First, you are offline. Second, the Steam servers are down. If offline, just connect to the Internet to fix the issue.

In the situation where the Steam servers are down, you’ll need to plug in a physical keyboard. We can hope that in the future Valve will add the ability to use the virtual keyboard without having to run the Steam client.

Before you leave, have a look at the list of Steam Deck games that you can run on your device. Alternatively, make sure your to fix it if your Steam Deck controller is not working.

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