Steam Deck can’t reach Steam servers - how to fix connection issues

Steam Deck can’t reach Steam servers | A picture of a Steam Deck

Steam Deck can’t reach Steam servers | A picture of a Steam Deck

If you are often greeted by the frustrating "Steam deck can't reach the steam servers" error message, we can help.

From the keyboard not showing to the desktop mode not working, Steam Deck's buggy OS has been causing a lot of headaches for owners. Wi-Fi randomly disconnecting while playing games or downloading stuff is the new problem that Steam Deck users have been dealing with for months.

Fortunately, we have discovered some working solutions on Reddit and we're here to share them with you. Let's get right into it.

How to fix Steam Deck can’t reach Steam servers issue (2023 update)

It seems a bug with the Wi-Fi power-saving feature is to blame for the connection drops on Steam Deck. The power-saving mode seems to disconnect your Deck from Wi-Fi without any warning once your device's battery drops below a certain level.

Thankfully, the SteamOS 3.3 update with an updated wireless driver fixed the WiFi disconnection issues on 5Ghz. So, ensure you are running the latest version of the Steam OS.

If you are getting the "Steam Deck can’t reach Steam servers" error despite having the latest software, we recommend you try the following fixes.

  • First, enable developer mode by navigating to Settings > System. Then, select Developer from the side menu and disable WiFi Power Management. This workaround has fixed the issue for most users.
  • Try your 2.4GHz WiFi to see if that makes any difference.
  • Restart your router, in case it is causing the issue.
  • If you are on the Beta version of SteamOS, switch to the Stable version, as it has fixed the issue for this user.

In most cases, updating the SteamOS should fix the issue. If not, one of the suggestions we listed here will work, and you will be back online playing the games you love sooner than expected.

What is causing the Steam Deck can’t reach Steam servers issue?

Steam Deck can’t reach Steam servers issue is a network error that is supposedly caused by a bug with the Wi-Fi power-saving feature. However, it can also be caused by several other things such as a problem with your router or the Steam servers themselves.

Steam servers being down, although it does not happen often, can indeed be the reason for the issue in question. Whatever the cause, the fixes we listed above will hopefully save your day. You will be playing Modern Warfare 2 on your Steam Deck in no time.

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