Starfield preload date - when to download

Starfield preload date - space suit with guns

Starfield preload date - space suit with guns

Folks, it is almost time. Indeed, finally the Bethesda sci-fi RPG is upon us, just a few more days to go and we'll be almost ready to wear or suits and venture out in space. But, when exactly is the Starfield preload date, when can we download the game and have it ready to go? Let's find out.

Fans have been itching to get their hands on the game so, understandably, each second can make a little difference. In the case of download, though, those seconds can easily turn into hours.

Let's look, then, at how you can save time by figuring out when exactly is the Starfield preload date and when will the game be ready for you to download.

When is the Starfield preload date?

According to a listing on Amazon, Starfield will be available for prealoading starting from Wednesday, August 9, 2023. Naturally, since this is not an official information coming directly from Bethesda, that information and date might change in the future. We will update you in case it does.

You might want to take advantage of this time to activate the game, as that can save you some time, especially when everyone might be there downloading Starfield and you might experience some noticeable slowdown in the connection.

Also, a great idea for those of you who don't have the fastest connection around and might want to leave the Xbox downloading during the night.

What is the size of Starfield download?

Apparently, you'll need some extra space on your console and PC. Starfield will clock at about 125 GB of download for preloading. Definitely won't skimp on the size.

So, now that you have some information on the date, you can start deciding if you need more space and which games you might be ready to get rid of. We know, it is a difficult decision and no one wants to be in that situation, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

That's all we have for you on the Starfield preload date and size. If you're looking for more information on the game, check out our guides on early access and Starfield characters.

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