Starfield FOV - how to change FOV on PC

Starfield FOV - woman in space suit

Starfield FOV - woman in space suit

Sometimes it's the tiny hidden options that get us. While playing first person view game is especially important to have them catered to our eyes, otherwise we risk not seeing things well enough or even feeling motion sickness. So, how you change Starfield FOV on PC? It's actually a hidden option and we'll explain it.

The Bethesda space game has finally been released after years of fans eagerly awaiting. It seems to definitely measure up to what gamers had been hoping for.

But if you're having problem seeing things correctly, then that's not fun. Let's get to change that Starfield FOV and get everything right as you wanted.

How to change Starfield FOV on PC

In order to change the FOV on Starfield, you have to create a text file in the right folder and specify what you wanted. But where?

Here's how to do it:

  • Create a text file called "StarfieldCustom.ini"
  • Go to "Documents/MyGames/Starfield"
  • Copy the text file there.
  • Open the file and add the following
  • "[Camera]
  • Save it.

That is all you need to do to be able to change FOV on the go.

Clearly, this is a trick that only works on PC, others that are playing on console will have to wait for Bethesda to actually put a specific option to change it, perhaps in a future patch.

Why does FOV matter?

FOV means Field of Vision and refers to how much of the things around you you're actually seeing on screen. A FOV in a game will always be smaller than the human eye.

Basically, a higher FOV value allows the player to more easily assess their surroundings, along with finding a better position and have better reaction times. Also, it just looks better for screenshot and the overall experience.

That's all we have for you on Starfield FOV. For more tips and tricks check out Starfield stuttering and best Starfield mods.

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