Star Wars game sequels that NEED to happen: Bring back these retro franchises!

Recently, this writer has been replaying some Star Wars games, as is a tradition that’s been going for the last several years.

From Jedi Academy to classic Battlefront and now Fallen Order, it’s still amazing just how much breadth that a game from the Star Wars universe can give you a different perspective on what makes a Star Wars game, good.

However, there are plenty of cancelled games and sequels from the gaming side of Star Wars that one can’t help but wonder what sequels we’d love to see return to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

With that, here’s some sequels we’d love to see.


It’s no question that the first two ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ games are still highly rated by many, especially Stealth’s Editor.

These were two RPG games released in 2003 and 2004 to huge acclaim, proving that Star Wars could work in this genre.

A book by the name of ‘Rogue Leaders’ had said that plans were underway for a third game in the KOTOR series, which began around 2004. But sixteen years on people are still clamouring for a sequel.

Granted, a remaster or even a remake of the first two games would be a welcome addition, but to see these on the new consoles in 4K could be a sight to see.

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Jedi Knight III

While Jedi Academy was the sequel to Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, there was a hope that a final sequel could finish the ‘Jedi Knight’ series as a whole.

Alas, it looks like there were plans in 2005 for this, but it was cancelled.

But with Jedi: Fallen Order reviving the single-player campaign of Star Wars games at last, it gives hope that a revival of Jedi Knight, or even the Kyle Katarn character could return.

A ‘Jedi Knight III’ sequel set thirty years after Fallen Order, with Luke’s Academy in full 4K, with more force abilities, ways to build your own lightsaber, and expand upon the mission structure of Jedi Academy is a tempting thought.

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Force Unleashed 3

Force Unleashed was a wild-card when the first game was released in 2008. Taking on the character named ‘Starkiller’, they would bridge the gap between Episode III and Episode IV, revealing the origins of the ‘Rebel Alliance’ insignia.

You would slash and force your way through many levels, building upon experience points collected and facing many different bosses, especially some unique ones in the DLC of its sequel.

While plans were cancelled for a third entry in 2012 due to Disney buying Lucasfilm and shuttering all projects at LucasArts, one can’t help but wonder how a third game could fit in with Fallen Order and Battlefront.

Frankly, there is, and to finish off the story of ‘Starkiller’ would be a great end to the series. There’s always room for a ‘run and gun’ Star Wars game, and Force Unleashed could certainly fill that gap.

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Star Wars Kinect 2 VR?

This was a request from the Editor, and whether that shows his true Star Wars tastes or not is up to you.

However, with the rise of VR and it seeping into Star Wars games like the recently launched Squadrons, perhaps in the future you could moonwalk like Han Solo, just like in Episode IV.

If you do have ideas as to what a ’Han Solo Immoral Moonwalk’ VR game could be, feel free to tweet the editor.

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