Star Citizen lobby error code 60015 - what it is and how to fix it

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star citizen lobby error code 60015 what it is how to fix
Credit: Roberts Space Industries

Star Citizen lobby error code 60015 has been a burden to many players, preventing them from enjoying the space trading/combat simulation game. It’s a shame that this error code has caused so much trouble, as many are enjoying what this simulation game has to offer.

Unfortunately, since this title is focused on online multiplayer, this error code is a fairly common occurrence and it’s pretty annoying. This isn’t new, as all online games have faced multiple error codes at some point in their lifetime if they aren’t already facing them.

Without further ado, here’s what we know about Star Citizen lobby error code 60015 and if it can be solved. Is this something that players can overcome with patience and waiting? Or will players have to take action into their own hands?

What is Star Citizen lobby error code 60015?

Apparently, Star Citizen lobby error code 60015 is a problem caused by the game’s server or the player’s internet connection. It’s a fairly common occurrence, albeit, an annoying one since gamers just want to log in and enjoy the game.

Though annoying, problems like this are somewhat expected since it is an online-only game and they are filled with these bugs. Even the most polished multiplayer title can suffer from issues like this, due to how unpredictable the internet can be.

It really is a shame that players have to contend with Star Citizen lobby error code 60015. Hopefully, this is the worst it will be for players of the game, though we assume that other error codes could annoy gamers in a similar manner.

How to fix Star Citizen lobby error code 60015

Gamers will be happy to know that there are a number of ways to fix Star Citizen lobby error code 60015. While these solutions aren’t permanent fixes, they will definitely ensure that you will get to play your game again.

For now, here’s how players can handle this error code:

  • Change your country and region: Log in to your account, head to settings, and then click on your profile. Go to Country and Region in order to change into a more game-friendly place for the game.
  • Relaunch Star Citizen: Since this could be a lobby issue, simply restarting the game could fix this issue.
  • Wait for an update: The devs could be updating Star Citizen, so players might just have to wait.

That’s how to fix Star Citizen lobby error code 60015. Stay tuned to Stealth Optional for more gaming and tech guides.

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