Soulja Boy wants to release another game console

In 2018, the American rapper Soulja Boy announced he was releasing a video game console - the SouljaGame. While Soulja Boy claimed it sold five million copies, it ultimately flopped.

The SouljaGame landed Soulja Boy in hot water with Nintendo, as the machine essentially was an emulator that used pirated copies of Nintendo titles, before the console went under in late 2018.

Not content with one failed console release, Soulja Boy is back again in the headlines having announced on social media his intention to create another console - and no, it's still not called the 'SouljaBoy'.

Another Soulja Boy console?

Tweeting on February 20, Soulja Boy said: "Coming soon @SouljaGame", sharing the Twitter account of his new console. This account, which has yet to tweet since February 13, shares an insight into Soulja Boy's vision for his new console. "Building a new console from scratch," the latest tweet states. "All new design. All new games. All new deals. Let's make history."

The Soulja Game Console Instagram shares some images of a white game console unit, which appears to be the new Soulja Game console.

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Neither Soulja Boy nor the Soulja Game Console account has announced any further details regarding the console's pricing, release date, or what games it will include. There are also no new details on Soulja Boy's previous storefront- Soulja Watch - which was allegedly hacked in 2019. It now appears to be a new site that posts articles about 'affordable' watches.

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Is the Soulja Game an 'All new design'?

When the original Soulja Game released, fans quickly realised it was simply just a reskin of a knock-off console that could be found online for a lower price.

It appears the Soulja Game 2 will be no different, with the console shown on Instagram bearing a striking resemblance to this emulator console available for $44.59 on Alibaba. The only difference is that the Soulja Game Console post includes a different controller - the PlayStation 2 controller.

Of course, there is a (slight) chance that the images on the Soulja Game Console account are just placeholders while Soulja Boy works on creating the 'All new design' for the new console, although judging from his past products, we won't get our hopes up.

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