Sony upgrades some TVs to be the best for PS5

With both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X bringing a huge graphical leap, some people are on the hunt for a new TV that can properly show off their fancy new games console.

It's hard to know which ones will actually support all of this new tech though, which is going to intimidate some people.

Well, it turns out that one of the two companies has a good idea about which TVs will work.

It also turns out that both the company and the people behind the TVs are Sony.

Sony releases a PS5-ready update

As reported on by Forbes, Sony has released an update for the Sony Bravia XH90, XH92, and ZH8 TVS that helps bring the TVs up to the standard needed to best support their new console. (You can click any of those last three links to look at a product page!)

The update will have already reached some people, but due to the global nature of the company may take a little bit longer to get to some others.

If you've got one already though, there's a chance that your TV is ready for a PS5, even if you aren't.

There's one small issue though, and that's that the update doesn't bring in support for variable refresh rates just yet. This is something that only the XH90 model will be able to do, but it's also just not there yet.

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When will the TVs truly be PS5-ready

Sony has said that they're hoping to bring more updates out soon.

That should hopefully mean everything is ready for the launch of the PS5 on November 19th (in the UK), but it's hard to say for certain.

Of course, there are other TVs you can choose outside of the Sony lot.

For example, the Samsung Q80T or the LG's CX OLED range are both good shouts.

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