Sonic is being recast: Why is the voice actor leaving, and who could replace him?

Sonic. He can really move. Sonic. He's got the attitude. Sonic. He's the fastest thing alive.

He's also had multiple voice actors to portray him, as far back as the cartoons in the mid-nineties.

However, it looks as though Sonic's latest voice-actor, Roger Craig Smith, is no longer voicing him, if a tweet from him is to be believed.

With that, lets look at what was said, and who could take over the role.

Who was the Voice Actor?

Roger Craig Smith took up the mantle in 2010, voicing Sonic in games such as:

  • Sonic Colors
  • Sonic Generations
  • Sonic Forces
  • Sonic Boom

Roger suddenly posted a tweet on the 28th Jan, alluding to the fact that his tenure had ended.

The wording of 'zones', the blue broken heart, and ten years only adds credence that his time is now at an end.

Many fans regarded him as one of the best voice actors to take over Sonic, with his popularity sky-rocketing after guesting on a radio show and also in an IRC chat back in 2019.

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Who Could Replace Him?

The first point of call is Ben Schwartz, who voiced Sonic in the film last year, with a sequel in heavy-development.

It could be a good unification of the same voice being featured both in film and games, to give Sonic some consistency between the two mediums.

Another is 'Jaleel White', who voiced Sonic in the two cartoons in the mid-nineties, which we at Stealth would love to see again.

However, with Sonic's 30th anniversary coming in June, one would imagine that SEGA has already chosen the voice, with a new game inevitably in development, and ready to be showcased very soon.

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