SNES Mini trade-in: How much could you get for trading in the retro console?

With the PS5 and the Xbox Series S and X only a few weeks away, you might have started desperately scrabbling around to try and find things to sell.

The new consoles aren't exactly cheap, and they do say that every little helps, so maybe you're thinking about getting rid of a few things to make it a little less painful.

Maybe, just maybe, you're one of the people who bought a SNES Mini thinking it would be the best thing ever but have since decided that it's not really your thing.

If that's the case, maybe it's time to trade-in your SNES Mini.

Where can you trade in your SNES Mini?

Unlike some of the other mini consoles, you can actually trade-in your SNES Mini with GAME. This is likely to be a little easier on your plan for a next-gen console than anywhere else.

However, you'll also be happy to know that CEX will also take this little console off of your hands, if you prefer to use them.

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Is it worth it to trade in your SNES Mini?

GAME will offer you £21 in cash and £30 in credit for a boxed SNES Mini. That's not a bad amount, but it's actually a lot less than CEX.

CEX will offer your £32 in cash and £46 in credit for an unboxed one, and the amount is £39 and £56 for a boxed one respectively. It's pretty clear that one is far better than the other here.

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Should you trade in your SNES Mini?

If you're using you SNES Mini a lot, or someone in your house is, then you should probably keep hold of it for now.

However, if it's sat around not actually being used, then maybe turning it into some percentage of a PS5 or Xbox Series X is the right move for you.

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