SEGA partners with EA to bring games to Origin Access: Could this be the start of something big?

SEGA hasn't been a big player in the console space for a long time now. It's kind of sad to see them fall by the wayside given how innovative the Dreamcast was, but it just didn't sell enough.

Of course, since then they've gone more into making games than consoles, and that's led to some truly incredible experiences as a result.

Well, it looks like SEGA might be stepping things up again, and it comes, in part, thanks to EA.

Things could be about to change in a big way.

SEGA games are coming to Origin Access Premier

In an incredibly strange bit of news, it turns out that Sonic Mania is now available through Origin Access Premier.

That's odd enough, but there's more according to a blog post on EA "Also coming to Origin Access Premier are the hit SEGA titles Two Point Hospital and Endless Legend."

Those are just the ones that have been announced so far, but it stands to reason that if it goes well that we'll see more and more SEGA games on the digital service.

That's great news for anybody who already has an Origin Access Premier subscription, though the chances are this is designed to draw new people in. That begs the question though, what is Origin Access Premier?

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What is Origin Access Premier

Origin Access Premier is EA's subscription service. It's a little bit like Xbox Game Pass, and a little bit like a loyalty program.

In essence, you pay a monthly fee to gain access to some benefits. These include extra content for new EA games, early access to EA games, access to the Premier Vault (which is where these new games will be stored), and a discount on Origin purchases.

All things considered, it's very hard to consider choosing this over something like Game Pass due to the sheer value included in the latter.

That being said, if you can add enough classic SEGA games into the mix, then that could quite easily change for a lot of old-school fans.

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