Sega Mega Drive Mini trade-in: How much could you get for trading in the retro console?

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So, you bought yourself a SEGA Mega Drive Mini but you're not sure if you're still going to be using it.

This is becoming an increasingly pressing matter as the PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S approach, and we all try and find whatever money we can to put towards them.


Is it worth trying to see if you can trade-in your SEGA Mega Drive Mini to get some money off of a next-gen console?

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Well, let us help you out.

Where can you trade in your SEGA Mega Drive Mini?

You'd expect to be able to trade this little bit of gaming history in to a shop like GAME. Well, you'd be wrong, at least according to their website.


The good news though, is that CEX will take it off of your hands whether it's in a box or not.

That's excellent news for people with cats or toddlers or both.

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Is it worth it to trade in your SEGA Mega Drive Mini?

How much can you get for your little box of SEGA though? Is Sonic going to bring your the big bucks, or is it all an illusion?


Well for an unboxed SEGA Mega Drive Mini you can get £18 in cash and £26 in credit. Which is okay.

For a boxed one, you'll get £23 in cash and £33 in credit, which is a touch better.

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Should you trade in your SEGA Mega Drive Mini?

This is the big question, is your SEGA Mega Drive Mini only worth that amount to you?

Well, it probably depends on whether or not you're still using it regularly. If not, then you should probably admit it's just gathering dust and get rid of it.

If you still use it daily though, then why are you even reading this?


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